Friday, 27 July 2012

Untitled by det.roc.boi
Untitled, a photo by det.roc.boi on Flickr.

I drew these blokes in London and colored them today, I was in a dire need to get back to my big box of Copics and colour something.

I'm starting to work on new comics these days, updates soon.


I'm back from London, got back a little earlier than expected because I've a lot to do in here for the next couple of months.
I'll be working on new comics, one for a zine, one for a magazine and another one will be presented at an exhibition in September and will then appear on Detrocboi Booklet #2.
London was amazing, I had a great time, met new friends and talked with publishers, a really positive experience.

Expect some more updates, sketchbook scans and anything else in the coming days, right now I'm working on a schedule for all the things I gotta make. Talk soon.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


So... by det.roc.boi
So..., a photo by det.roc.boi on Flickr.

I'll be in London for a month, looking for publishers for my comics. I have brought a sketchbook with me so I'll be able to draw everyday, I'll try to keep you posted, until then ciao!