Monday, 28 February 2011

It's Ready

Hey, I finished the line drawing for a new illustration. I hope to start coloring it tomorrow, I want to complete this one and start a new one right after because I feel like I'm in a great mood for drawing.
Anyway, the story behind it will be published on the Flickr, if I decide to put it there once it's done. Sometimes I feel like I don't wanna put everything I do on Flickr; but since I cleaned it and removed lots of old stuff, it looks a little empty. 
Meh, I guess I'll think about a solution -a voice in my head says "draw more!" that would solve the problem-.

Enough fuss, here's the line drawing.

As you can see, the ducks are different than the one I posted some days ago, there are a couple of things to do in the background but it's pretty much ready. I want to make some more experiments with lightning in this one.

That's it, check these cool songs by shoegaze band Weekend, I love Monday Morning's haunty introduction.
Talk soon, ciao!

Friday, 25 February 2011

New Drawing Ahead

I got some time to draw lately, so I started a new drawing, it's the one with the duck soldiers from the previous post; I just drew the maincharacter and I am now working on a portion of the background; I'll make a scan of it once I'm done with these parts.

I'm going to blog about another of my favorite artists sometime soon, tomorrow I think.

Talk soon, ciao!

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Hello, I've been lacking time for updates; been quite busy lately.
So, I got a couple of projects up: I started a new drawing for ZZZ today; I made an ultra-quick sketch , just to get a general idea and then tried a couple of ideas for characters, here's one sketch I like more than others.

I gotta work on it a little bit more to make it less Disney-ish, but the idea of a duck soldier has been floating in my brains for a while, so here it is.
I'm also thinking about making a background to a couple of drawings I made earlier.
Then I want to try to submit an illustration to an art blog, but it's a long run and I may talk about it later.

I'm going to post more next week, I promise! Have a great weekend, ciao!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Update on Flickr!

Hey, I completed the Cyclops' illustration, I'm very satisfied with it, check it by yourselves here.

I also uploaded Wow! on Flickr to boost the voting, but since it is Facebook based and I don't have a facebook account to spread the word, I guess it'll not be a success, whatever. I just want to focus on drawing now!
More news to follow, talk soon, Ciao!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Skull Defekts - Peer Amid

Skull Defetks' new album Peer Amid is my favorite listen lately; it has all the things I like to find in a record: atmosphere, psychedelia, noise and pounding circular drum rhythms that blow my mind away.
I suggest, if you liked the previous music videos I've linked, to check the whole record; when you reach the final track you'll be very happy and your ears will smoke!

Friday, 4 February 2011


Hey, sorry for the lack of updates; I've been busy completing the submission for the contest; you can see the results here and, if you want you can vote for my superheroine by clicking the blue button.
Once the contest is over I'll upload the drawing with better resolution on flickr, in the meantime I hope I can finish the cyclops' illustration and start some new drawing as well.

Now go and vote for me!