Monday, 10 January 2011

Start Of Year

Hey, hope 2011 has begun in a great way.
I spent the last days shaking off all of the holidays big meals and celebrations; now I'm ready to start!

I just got a couple of books' shipments, one from Japan and one from Amazon.
The Japanese one is a bunch of artbooks: Redline Illustrations, which I haven't looked much yet because I want to see the movie first as soon as a translation pops out, then Shining Force III Artbook with LOTS of cool designs and ideas for characters, Elemental Gearbolt World Guidance it's a visual collection from a weird gunpoint game for PSX, set in a cyber fantasy world, the majority of the design is done by an interesting artist called Hitoshi Yoneda.

The last artbook is a collection of design from Front Mission's first episode, characters by Yoshitaka Amano and mechas by Kow Yokoyama (I bought it especially for Yokoyama's mech buildups).
There were some doujinshis too in the box, three of them by Atsuji Yamamoto, one of my favorite manga artists, a couple from his Arnis series and one with miscellaneous short comics and two volumes of the collective doujinshi Thinking Battalion with really great "hey look how early 90's Japanese fantasy we look like" characters.

The box from Amazon had  three novels inside: Breakfast Of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut, Empire Of The Sun by J.G. Ballard and Thomas Pynchon's V.
I recently read some Vonnegut's novels and fell in love with them, so I'm curious to read more, I love his blend of science fiction, social criticism and anti-war themes; but I'll start off reading Ballard's Empire Of The Sun because I looked for it for quite some time and I'm impatient.
I'll keep Pynchon at the end; I'm a bit stressed right now and his novels require a huge load of attention.

Well, I guess that's all for now, I made a lot of sketches for places and new drawings, but since I'm going to be busy for the next days for work matters I guess there won't be any progress with the illustrations, as soon as I got something worth showing from ZZZ I'll post here for sure.

Talk soon, ciao!

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