Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Hello, these are tough days; we're all worried and saddened for the events occuring in Japan; I wish that Japanese people may recover fast from the tragedies that struck them, and that they will eventually rise stronger than before.
And let us hope that what's happening now will be a trigger to stop using nuclear energy as much as possible.

I'm preparing for Bologna's international book fair; I'm going to bring a portfolio with as much works as possible and exhibit a couple of works; I will meet international publishers so it's a great job opportunity.
I started drafts for a couple of illustrations, wishing to complete it by early next week.
Here's the almost done line drawing for the remake of an older drawing, the one popping out of all the pens in the photo.

It's more a redesign, rather than a simple remake; I wanted to update the character with symbols and elements I'm using lately, making it a little more psychedelic and somehow jodorowski-esque.
Then, big news, I'm almost ready to start a small comic, nothing more than 4 or 8 sheets, with a weird, surreal story. I'm setting the highlights in these days.

That's it, now I'll be drawing a little more.

Talk soon, ciao!

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