Sunday, 24 July 2011

Where Am I?

Here's a little update on how I'm going with comics and other stuff.
I'm not going as steady as I wished I was, after finishing Dream Fortress I wanted to take just a little breath, to recollect energy and make some considerations, review some flaws and try not to remake them in the new comic I'm working on.
Then I wanted to start some new illustrations as well, so I sketched some things more than I did while coloring Dream Fortress.
I'm planning to have 3 comics completed before mid-September, along with at least 4 new illustrations, it's gotta be hard so I'm trying to make the whole comic-making process a little faster.
The new comic is storyboarded and most of the pages are already drafted and ready to be developed; I hope I'll be done with full b/w pages early next week, wishing to have the full comic done by mid-August.
Here's a picture of how first page is coming along, I already tried some shortcuts for coloring on this page, I just gotta see it done to see if they really work as I hope they do, but until now they seem to work pretty well.

That's it, I'm back drawing now, I've got a splitting headache and other things on my mind. So it's like working in a trance, a strange one.
I'll be back next week for a couple of post of books, or artists, talk soon!

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