Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Today In The Mailbox: Katsuya Terada & Hiroshi Homura mini books

So, today, just right before snow started to fall again; I received a package from Japan with a couple of books.
The books are Shasho and Kacho, two small, hardcover, publications featuring text, maybe poetry, probably short stories, by Hiroshi Homura and art by Katsuya Terada.
The books are from 2003 and 2006.

The one with the grey cover is Shasho, from 2003 and features Terada's art depicting what I think are horror or creepy stories, some of his illustrations show a Frankenstein monster and a lady with a vampire bat flying above her. There's also a really cool spread with a circus crew, but I couldn't scan it.
The last tale features a little kid and maybe the best illustrations in the book.

Don't you love these? I absolutely do.
In both books Terada's art is rough enough to remind his Rakugaking book.
Kacho instead presents stories about a small robot, a kid and some weirder stuff about people eating.
There's also a part with these character drawings.

And, the best ones of the lot, a series of his Moebius-y drawings, already used as covers for the Japanese magazine relax.

These strangely armored women's portraits are among my favorite Terada's works, I used to be very inspired by these when I first saw them on internet years ago.
I like their simplicity and how they manage to be rich with details and atmosphere with a really simple series of lines.
So, I'm glad I finally got these books, but I think they are fan material for Terada's addicts like me; I wish that some new book like Rakugaking or Zenbu pops out soon.


  1. Hey man, these are really mad, how many pages?

  2. They are about 70/80 pages each.